You can easily stream your Zoom meeting to the friends who have been home bound and may not be able to navigate into the Zoom conference system or who otherwise need to continue to view the meetings as they are accustomed.  This is a great backup source.  We will demonstrate two options.  First, the easy way is to use OBS as you can control your bitrate and you will not need to rely on Zoom bandwidth. Second option:  tream directly from Zoom without using OBS or any other encoder (less reliable).

Using OBS to stream your Zoom meeting (recommended method).

  1. Download OBS at
  2. Copy your Streaming URL (rtmp) and Streaming Key into OBS
  3. Setup a scene in OBS of your screen.
  4. Start your stream in OBS and start your Zoom meeting

Using Zoom to stream your meeting directly

1. Log into as the administrator.

2. Copy your Streaming URL (rtmp) and Streaming Key

3. Paste it into Zoom

4. Go live.

Your Zoom meeting will broadcast to ROKU, Apple TV, Android app, iOS app and online at as usual.

You can find the stream key here in your admin panel.

Start your Zoom meeting and select More

That field is used to stream to web browser page but will actually be playing in livekingdomhall 

  • Go live.

Check your Zoom Meeting for the live icon.  The web page you were on will error out since you are not broadcasting to a web browser page.  This is error is not relevant.  If your meeting shows LIVE in Zoom it will be broadcasting in Livekingdomhall.

* Please note - this setup does not always work and relies on Zoom for bandwidth.  Some report great success. Others have issues with this method.