We realize there are many streaming services to choose from.  Why stay with Live KH?

  • We work hard to keep the streaming service simple - both for the video / audio attendants and the friends that need to utilize the service.
  • The friends - especially the older ones find our service easy to use without having to remember cumbersome codes and links.  They can watch live meetings of Zoom through this service as described here.
  • The Roku, Apple TV and mobile app's remember the friends who logged in so they can easily return, view and be counted.
  • Meetings recordings available for later listening.
  • This service is not a conference so audio and video is not interrupted by others.

But if you desire a conferencing service instead of one way streaming or wish to cancel for any reason, please send us a ticket and include the congregation names cancelling.  Your recurring payment subscription will  be cancel immediately and your service will end at your next renewal date.

To Cancel or change service Click Here 

Please note: If your congregation is not able to use the service we can pause the subscription until you wish to resume.