First you will need to download OBS

OBS is both free and open source. You can easily access the software and download it from OBS’ download page:

  1. Once it is installed you will need to go to the settings button and then select the streaming tab
  2. Once the streaming tab is open select the service and select "custom..."
  3. Now input the RTMP stream that was provided along with the stream key. Please copy and paste the information.
  4. Do not use authentication.
  5. Set the Output bitrate to 2500 or less. Or see this article on bitrate 
  6. You can test the stream by selecting the "Start Streaming" If it is streaming you should see a green box in the lower right corner. you should not be dropping many frames, or if the connection status is turning from green to yellow or red, further adjustments are needed.

You are now broadcasting. If you receive an error please recheck your settings, if it persists you can send an email to and we can help you work through the problem. The next step is to add your camera and JW library as a source.