The friends without internet can dial in directly to your high quality audio stream by making a local telephone call.  The phone channels we use are not conference lines.  Here are a few benefits over traditional conferencing lines:

  • Telephone callers are connected to the audio stream - not the kingdom hall telephone line.
  • Telephone callers do not need to mute their phones – they are not in any way connected to other listeners.
  • No need for an expensive conference bridge device at the kingdom hall.
  • No need for a telephone line or patch equipment at the kingdom hall (for conference or tie in purposes)
  • No need to for congregation to initiate a conference call at all.
  • Save money by eliminating expensive phone lines at the kingdom hall.

To access telephone broadcasting, you will need to stream your meetings using the free audio encoder software or an audio hardware encoder.  Generally any PC such as the one at the sound booth will do.  A general description of how to configure the audio encoder software is found at  The cost for the phone dial in subscriptions can be found at 

Please note:  Phone callers cannot tie into the audio produced by streaming video.  If you are streaming video using software such as OBS or a hardware encoder such as a Teradek you will still need to stream a separate mp3 stream for phone tie in.