Often two or more congregations share the same kingdom hall sound console and equipment.  When this is the case each congregation can be assigned its own unique streaming feed.  Alternatively congregations can be mapped or linked to a single stream.

Mapping congregations to single a feed (shared):

  • Only one profile is needed for the encoder.
  • May be easier for the sound department.
  • Some hardware encoders do not allow multiple profiles
  • When one congregation is streaming, it it is visible in any of the mapped congregations.

Unique stream for each congregation (not shared):

  • The stream is only played within the congregation player it is linked to.
  • Requires each congregation maintain its own encoder profile.

When 2 or more congregation are on the same account (order) the initial setup defaults to map the congregations to a common shared stream.  However we can easily provide a unique feed for each congregation if that is preferred.

Sharing or separating video streams 

  1. Login at www.livekingdomhall.com as an admin and select My Account

  2. Select Video stream mapping

  3. Drag and drop the congregations with video service to another video stream.

  4. Select Save when done

  5. If you want to add an additional stream you can do so be selecting New Stream next to the save button

  6. Input your new stream name and assign your congregations and Save

  7. Use the new streaming information, you can view it by selecting Details

    If you need assistance please reach out to us at support@livekingdomhall.com