If the audio encoder is not connecting then no audio is going to be streaming.  Those listening by phone or online via website or apps will hear nothing. 

 If the BUTT encoder shows connecting.. but not connected then there is a chance that the encoding port has been tripped off.  This can happen if you stream at too high of a bitrate. 

  1.  Log into http://www.livekingdomhall.com?user=login using your admin password.
  2.  Select Details of the congregation with the issue.
  3.  Select Audio settings
  4.  Select Get Live Stream Status

It should now show you the Audio stream details:

If Server Status is Active then Restart the stream port.

If Server Status is Inactive then Start the stream port.

If the port was inactive then you should check your BUTT encoder audio tab and confirm that you are streaming at 64k. If it is set higher than 64k it will shut off again and require selecting Start.

Other reasons for the encoder to show connecting... but refuse to connect is the port is already connected.  Only one instance of streaming is allowed.  Another connection will be rejected and show connecting...  Check that the stream was not left on in another windows profile by another congregation in the hall.

If you are getting an error such as the password is incorrect, please paste the password from the website into the password field.