Over a period of time you may have created more than one subscription for one or more congregations.  These subscriptions might be paid from the same payment source such as a credit card or multiple sources such as ACH or PayPal.  We cannot alter the subscriptions for you.  If you would like to combine the subscriptions so that you only have one payment and or one payment source here is how you would do it.

First review the services that you have now.  

  1.  Log in http://www.livekingdomhall.com?user=login
  2.  Navigate to www.livekingdomhall.com/signup and select the service and quantity of congregations using the service.  Select the same services you have now if you do not want any changes.
  3.  Pick a billing cycle (monthly, quarterly, yearly)
  4.  Select “Existing congregation” during checkout and list the names of your congregations.  Make a note that you are replacing your current subscription(s)
  5.  Select payment source and checkout.

Using the above steps will create a new automatic subscription.  When the order comes in we will cancel your existing subscriptions and leave all the settings as they were.  You will not need to change your encoder details.