Log into the Teradek using the Web Interface or Mobile App to control the Teradek VidiU. 

Access the Vidiu Web Interface

To access the Teradek VidiU’s Web Interface:

  1. Use the front controls knobs to find the network IP address the encoder is connected to:
    1. Push the black Menu button (on the front of the VidiU) to get to the settings. 
    2. Use the black Menu button as a joystick to navigate down to Network Settings
    3. Press the Menu button to enter the network settings. 
    4. With Wired selected, press the Menu button to view the wired network settings. 
    5. An IP address will be displayed (e.g., (If there is no IP listed, make sure the Teradek VidiU is connected to the network properly using a LAN network cable.)

  2. Connect a computer or mobile device to the same wired or wireless network to which the Teradek VidiU is connected.
  3. Type the Teradek VidiU’s IP address into a web browser’s address bar and hit Enter/Return.
  4. The Teradek VidiU web interface will load in the browser window.

Configure the Teradek VidiU’s Broadcast and Audio Settings

On the VidiU Web Interface that was previously loaded in your web browser, select the Settings button.

Configure the Teradek VidiU settings as instructed below:

Broadcast Settings:

1. Click Broadcast.

2. Click the Platform section and set the following options:

a. Mode: Manual

b. Configuration: Local

c. Paste the RTMP Server URL (see article https://support.livekingdomhall.com/support/solutions/articles/17000084569-locate-the-video-encoder-streaming-url-and-password-details )

d. Paste the Stream Key (name)

Do not select Advanced RTMP Settings

e. Select Auto Start to start the stream automatically upon powering up.

f. Select Auto Reconnect.

g. Click the Apply button to save you settings.

3. Click the Quality section of the Broadcast settings and set the following options:

a. Video Quality: Low, Medium, High or HD.  This is dependent on the KH network's overall capability and health.

• Do not select Full HD or HD Plus because these setting will create buffering in all but a perfect environment.

b. Adaptive Bitrate: Disabled

c. Frame-rate: Full (30 fps)

d. Audio Quality: Low (96K)

e. Click the Apply button to save your settings.

f. Click the Settings back button to go back the settings menu.

Audio Settings:

1. Click the Video/Audio icon.

2. Click the Audio Settings section and set the following options:

a. Audio Source: Analog (connect the audio source into the 3.5 mm jack located on the Teradek

b. Channel: Stereo

c. Level: Line

d. Left Mute and Right Mute: Off

e. Left Volume and Right Volume: About 16. (Calibrate this setting with the kingdom hall audio at the normal volume.)

3. Click the Apply button to save your settings.

4. Click the Settings back button to go back the settings menu.

5. Click the Done button when you are finished with the settings.

Start Broadcasting

Click the red Start/Stop button found on the Teradek VidiU encoder to start your webcast. Click again to stop broadcasting.