How to turn off built-in recording Noise Cancellation on a Windows PC

If you notice that the audio from your stream - most notably from music has a watery sound, your PC is most likely applying noise cancelling.  Noise cancelling can make the speech less clear, making it unintelligible at times.  Here are the steps to turn it off:


1 Open Control Panel and select “Change system Sounds”


2 Select the Recordings tab and then “Microphone”. You get a pop-up box with these tabs:

3. Select "Enhancements" tab

4. You will see a list of enhancements offered for this microphone. The one you are looking for is called either “Noise Suppression” or “Noise Cancellation”, or Acoustic Echo Cancellation. If any of these are there and but are already unticked, there’s nothing more you can do – just click on “OK”. If it is there and ticked, click on the tick to turn it off. The tick will disappear. Then click on “OK”.

5. If there is no tick box for “Noise Suppression” or “Noise Cancellation” or something similar, it is possible that noise cancellation is being applied without offering you the choice. If there is a generic turn-off-all-enhancements tick box, e.g. try ticking that to turn off noise cancellation (as well as everything else).

When you click OK or apply, then it should save your settings.