Audio recordings are available for those that may have been too ill to be at the meeting or to listen live.  While your meeting is streaming audio, our servers are in the background ready to record it.  Simply log in to your control panel as the Administrator and select the Audio Tab.  Toggle the "Record Audio" to the ON position.  

The midweek and weekend meetings will now be set to record.  The recordings will be available in the Audio Recording tab of the congregation within a few seconds of the conclusion of the meeting. 

A few notes about recording:

  • Recording are taken from the audio encoder's audio or video streaming feed. 
  • Recordings will take place on the day and time set for your meeting. 
  • Recordings are available for 5 days.
  • You can play the file or download the recording by hovering over the play button and right mouse click / save file.

No Recordings:
  • Your stream must be encoding when the meeting begins.
  • Your stream must not disconnect.
  • Your timezone must be set correctly in the control panel to the correct time of your location.