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Datavideo NVS-33

Can anyone see any reason why the new Datavideo NVS-33 encoder wouldn't work with Live Kingdom Hall?

It looks like an attractive option with native SDI input and the big, easy front panel buttons.

I could see a world where we fabricate or print a cover that only allows access to the "Stream" button so that less technical system operators can only access the function they need.

Any thoughts are appreciated!

Here's a similar option, but with a simpler interface and an hdmi loop out that we will be using.  The HDMI loop out allows for the computer to feed through to the stage monitors without needing an HDMI switcher or additional HDMI output  from the computer to display media on the monitors.  The "SDI Program Out" allows for a small monitor to be installed at the sound console so the operator can easily see which input (camera or computer media) is being streamed.


Hi Derek, thanks for the reply!

Am I mistaken, or doesn't the Blackmagic Web Presenter pipe the stream out to a USB interface (as a UVC device) that you'd then use as an input to a PC?

I'm interested in the NVS-33 (or other streaming encoder) specifically, as it sends the stream directly to an RTMP server that you specify without having to involve (and maintain/update/patch) a PC anywhere.

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