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IP Cameras

Has anyone tried an IP PTZ Camera?

I am looking into this Reolink as a cost effective solution and simply broadcasting the stream and console audio from OBS.

Your thoughts and comments would be most welcome. 

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We use lorex ip ptz.  I even made a software app for windows to control the ptz of the lorex camera.  But lorex is just dahua.  So my software will work with either.  Some honeywell cams are dahua as well.

You can set a delay in OBS.

Please see this OBS help guide:

Can anyone tell me exactly where and what changes need to be made in OBS to sync my audio delay with my PTZ cameras?

We have an old Sony EVI-D70 PTZ Camera. And it works great.
We are using a Hikvision PTZ IP camera with OBS. Works great. Love it.

Using an IP camera for live broadcast brings with it some challenges as the audio has to be synced to the delayed ip feed.  However OBS does have the ability to adjust the audio delay.  While the SDI PTZOptics camera is rather expensive it produces fantastic professional video and we recommend that.

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