KH Audio Encoder

The KH Audio Encoder is a new stand alone audio streamer pre-programmed and sent setup for your congregation.  It streams the highest audio quality.  This encoder takes the place of using a laptop / PC and software.  It may be left on at all times and draws very little current.  The cost of the KH Audio Encoder is $165.00.  Simply plug a line level feed from your amplifier or mixer into the 3.5mm microphone jack and connect to the internet using an Ethernet cord or WiFi.  Measures 2.5" x 3.7".  

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Hello Brothers:

When will these become available to purchase for single Kingdom Hall usage?


Edward Walsh

Hi Edward,

We can send you one to try out and if you like it you could purchase it.  Just open a ticket and request it with your shipping address.


We would be interested in trying out an encoder in our hall and supplying feedback if one is still available.

Hi Derek,

Please open a ticket and request it with your shipping address.


We have been using this device for almost a month, with three congregations testing it out.  So far we have had no issues with it.  We leave it on all the time.  It came completely pre-configured, all I had to do was find a good audio source, connect it to our network switch, and power it up.  The audio quality is excellent!  We purchased an inexpensive ($8) inline 3.5mm gain control to tune our audio source so now even our songs (which we play loud) sound excellent on live kingdom hall.  Happy with it so far.

How can I order your encoder? Can I do that on line through your web site?

The MP3 Encoder has worked flawlessly for the last few months, it has resolved several windows issues with BUTT, sometimes the other language Cong's desktop was still logged in with BUTT running, causing a disparity. I literally plugged the encoder in and never looked back. I made a 3.5mm patch cord with a few 4.7k series/parallel resistors to drop the gain from the mono line level to the stereo 3.5mm mic input. 

Karl Jacoboski

I updated the line to mic level interface to a variable volume control $10. Here is the link on Amazon Koss VC20 Volume Control The audio was clipped a few times, sounded like a codec issue, contacted LiveKH and they shipped out a new Encoder, the clipping went away. Working great.

The headphone jack on the amplifier is good spot or any low level audio source.

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