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Video Switchers

Are you having success with a video switcher?  Which one are you using?  Which encoder is it compatible with?

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Tried a standard HDMI switcher, however, the handshaking is too slow for the Vidiu encoder, causing it to stop broadcasting when switching from camera to PC.

I would recommend a seamless HDMI switcher. This will get rid of the EDID handshakes that cause slow switching. I am currently using a Sewell Crossbolt HDMI switcher that is not truly seamless but still switches much faster than some other switchers and is less expensive than seamless ones if you want a more budget friendly choice.
Forgot to add: we are using the Cerevo Liveshell X encoder.
Update, looks like the Sewell Crossbolt HDMI switcher is still freezing the encoder and/or stream when switching sources sometimes. Had anyone tried a truly seamless HDMI switcher to see the difference?

We use a Roland switcher (2 chan or 4 units from B&H) to switch between our media PC and the PTZ camera. Works perfectly. 

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