Known issues

1/6/18 Phone Pin not working.  We are aware of this issue and trying to solve it quickly.

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The bitrate appears to be set at 192.  It should be set at 64.  Change the bitrate to 64 and restart the server port.  Information on how to do that is found here:


I try to swap the Midweeks CO dates a day before and 3 days afterwards but we usually lose the following Sunday meetings for both congregations. The problem rectifies itself after a week. Is it possible to add a feature for a “scheduled event” on a calendar under the account login to setup CO visits 6 months in advance? Also a flag for Assemblies and conventions, so you know why some weeks don’t record.

Log in as the administrator and change the meeting times.  Do this at lease the day before you want the recording.  It will also push the attendance count out on the new days. 

How do we enable recording the Circuit Overseer's week if the meeting moves from a Thursday to a Tuesday for that week please? Automatic recording won't work I believe. Do we have to record this locally in this instance?

Chromecast is not working.

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