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The Roku app is now available as a private channel.  It should be added as a regular channel within about a week when the review process has been completed.  The new channel is no longer limited to HD video.  It will stream audio from congregations that stream a separate audio source.  It will also display and allow listening of audio recordings from the meeting.  The count of viewers using the ROKU app is also now integrated within the congregation count report that is automatically sent to the attendants via email and may be viewed online by the administrator.

To view the channel now without waiting for it to be published as a regular channel:

• Log into your Roku account at and select “Add a channel".

• Enter the code JLHZPL

• Within 24 hours the channel should appear on your Roku player’s home screen and to “My Channels” in the Roku Channel Store. (To add the channel to your Roku device immediately, go to Settings>System>System update>Check now)

Note: The password/pin is the same as the password/pin of the congregation.

Update 4/20/2018 Channel has been approved and published.  It can be found in the Roku by searching "live kh".

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The new ROKU app arrangement works very well. Thank you very much for all your work. At this time the viewer attendance count seems to be part of the total IP count, but without viewer email and name identification. Is there a way we can add these? Your support service and attention to detail has always been excellent. Thank you again. Will the possibility of video recording be available in the future?

If you check "Yes" to "Require authentication" in the congregation profile, then anyone that clicks on the link of your congregation will need to have created a username/password on the site.  Then then the user details will show in the count report if they log into the website/mobile apps/Roku.

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