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HDMI Switch causing feed loss on Teradek Vidiu

I need some advice.  I'm trying to set up a HDMI switch so that I can alternate between the camera feed and the computer feed, so those at home can see both.  Right now we have to point the camera at the TVs, which isn't optimal.  

I've attached a diagram of my current setup.  Let me know if anything with that looks wrong or needs changed.  Inside the building, everything works great.  But when I switch between feeds, the Teradek Video loses the signal, even though it's brief, and drops the Live Feed.  Do you have any recommendations?  Perhaps another HDMI switch that won't cause the Teradek to lose the feed?  Thanks!

Glen, I would personally suggest trying a "seamless" HDMI switch or you could try what I use, Sewell Crossbolt HDMI switcher, not a seamless one, but still seems to switch fast enough to not lose signal to the encoder (although I'm not using a teradek)

I found a seamless switch at a reasonable price and that stopped the video from being dropped.  It's a Goronya HDMI 4X1 Quad Multi-Viewer Splitter.   

Thanks for your advice. 

Update, looks like the Sewell Crossbolt HDMI switcher is still freezing the encoder and/or stream when switching sources sometimes. Had anyone tried a truly seamless HDMI switcher to see the difference?
Thanks Glen, I've had my eye on that switcher also. Can you keep me posted on if it continues to work fine for you. Also when doing a side by side (2 images) how does it look?

Sure, I'll keep you posted.  So far we've used the Goronya switcher for two meetings with no issues.  The switcher can do up to 4 HDMI inputs.  We are using only two, the camera feed and computer feed.  It's nice to know that if the person running things accidentally presses the button for either the 3rd or 4th feed, the switcher outputs a black screen and there is no drop in signal.  

The side-by-side 50/50 image work fine, but I doubt we'll use it much.  You have a ton of picture-in-picture options on the remote, but to get to the one you want, you have to cycle through all of them.  That would be too distracting for those watching from home.

Thanks, I went ahead and ordered one too. So you know if the 50/50 split stretches the input vertically, or does it correct with top and bottom black bars for proper screen ratio?

I don't recall seeing any black bars and some of the split options resulted in distorted/stretched views.  Again, we decided not to use that feature because there is no quick way to get to the split you want without cycling through all of them.  For the person watching at home, this would be frustrating I'm sure having to watch us cycle through.  

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